8 Essentials for Your Best Beauty Sleep.


Let's talk sleep. Do you get enough of it? How about beauty sleep? Ha! I count every hour of sleep as beauty sleep. I mean, when the body is at rest, it's when the skin does it's most rejuvenating for a more restful, more youthful self. I put every minute of my sleep to work with some essentials so I truly benefit from my beauty sleep. Take a look.

8 Essentials for Your Best Beauty Sleep

1. Silk Eye Mask
I like to wear an eye mask to block out light — hello, less light means longer beauty sleep. And if I am going to wear an eye mask it might as well be good for me. Illuminage makes a Skin Rejuvenating Eye Mask that is infused with copper peptides to help prevent the formation of eye wrinkles. When that is in the wash, I use a pretty pink Silk Eye Mask from SLIP.

8 Essentials for Your Best Beauty Sleep

2. Silk Pillowcase
I am a wash my hair twice a week girl and the only way I can get away with this is because of two things — a great dry shampoo and my trusted silk pillowcase. Sure, you can buy a silk pillowcase from Home Goods or Macy's but it's really not the same. I alternate between the SLIP Silk Pillowcase and the Illuminage Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase, which is made with silk and copper. 

3. Tomorrow Sleep Sleep System
A good night sleep is so much more than just a good mattress. Tomorrow Sleep is a new sleep company that not only makes the best hybrid mattress, but they incorporate their memory foam hybrid mattress as one part of an entire sleep system which includes comforter, drapes, pillows, sheets and a sleep tracker. I have been sleeping on my new memory foam hybrid mattress with a specially designed comforter and sheets; I have been getting a better nights sleep as opposed to my 20-year-old mattress. No more tossing, turning, night sweats or uncomfortable divets. The Tomorrow Sleep memory foam hybrid mattress is so comfortable. The accompanying 500-count thread sheets and comforter that keep me at the perfect temperature as I sleep have made a huge change in my sleeping patterns in just a few nights. 

To get your own sleep system and save $150 off any $500 purchase, use code BEAUTIFUL150 at tomorrowsleep.com.

8 Essentials for Your Best Beauty Sleep
8 Essentials for Your Best Beauty Sleep
8 Essentials for Your Best Beauty Sleep

4. Soothing Scents
I am very scent oriented in my bedroom and surround myself with calming scents. It is proven that calming scents help you to get a better nights sleep. I like lavender and vanilla scents in my room. I keep a Bath & Body Works Wallflower Fragrance Plug in the Lavender Vanilla scents plugged in, and I have a few soft vanilla candles by my bed as well. I do not burn the candles at night, but they are quite strong and the soothing scent is in the air. I sometimes use a L'Occitane Pillow Mist if I am feeling extra anxious. I haven't experimented with essential oil diffusers yet, but it is something that I plan to do this winter.

5. Eye Cream
A good eye cream is essential, even at night. The key to eye cream application is to only apply a tiny amount and to only apply it to your orbital bone so that it does not migrate into your eye area. I like Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye Treatment, IT Cosmetics Confidence in an Eye Cream and Algenist Complete Renewal Eye Balm.

8 Essentials for Your Best Beauty Sleep

6. Night Cream
You know I love a great night cream, and I am lucky to test and try so many. While there are creams and overnight masks made particularly for nighttime use and sleeping, I certainly have my favorites to recommend. I regularly use Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream, IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair and the new IT Cosmetics Secret Sauce.

7. Lip Balm
I cannot go to bed with applying lip balm to my lips right before turning in for the night. I feel like my list of favorite lip balms are too many to list, but as long as you use one, you can keep dry, chapped lips away. For super dry lips, try bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask.

8. Hand Cream
I love to seal my hands with moisture right before turning off the light at bedtime. If my hands are really dry, I will apply a hand cream and then cover hands with a pair of cotton gloves to seal in hydration. For extremely dry hands, try AVEENO Eczema Hand Cream.

8 Essentials for Your Best Beauty Sleep

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