6 Hair How-To's with Aussies NEW Styling Products.

Now that Summer is gone and we are into Fall, an easy way to quickly change up your style is to change up your hair. I'm not talking anything drastic like a cut or color, I am suggesting trying a new hairstyle, which can be achieved by using a few different, or new hair styling products. It's easier than you think, especially when Aussie celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa tells us how to create the most spot on styles for Fall - which incorporates Aussies six new styling products, for effortless beauty.

In addition to an Anti-Breakage Spray, Heat Protecting Shine Spray, Spray Gloss and Split-End Protector, Aussie’s newest collection includes an Anti-Frizz Cream and Smoothing Serum, both of which protect your style against frizz for up to 24 hours, so you don’t have to worry about touch-up’s while on the go.

Not only are the some of the products brand new, the look is updated too. I love the chic, stylish salon-look of the packaging, all in Aussie's signature purple.


Now, onto Sarah Potempa's hair how-to's.

Style: The Easy Breezy Braid, for a simple yet feminine style that takes seconds to create and keeps hair secured all day long.

  1. Brush hair from ends to roots to smooth out knots
  2. Spritz Aussie’s NEW Anti-Breakage Spray over damp hair to help prevent styling damage and keep it long and strong
  3. Separate hair into three even sections 
  4. Repeat pattern—right over middle, left over middle—to create a loose braid 
  5. Secure braid at the bottom with a clear elastic

Style: The Anti-Frizz Aussie Twist. It reates a boho chic look perfect for keeping your hair out of the way and frizz-free all day long.

  1. Wrap hair around a one-inch curling iron to create loose waves
  2. Apply Aussie’s NEW Anti-Frizz Cream to styled hair to control frizz for 24-hours
  3. Take top two sections of hair above the ears and wrap one over the other for the perfect summer twist
  4. Secure by criss-crossing two small bobby pins 

Style: The Straight Shine ‘Do will make a lasting impression on a night out with sleek, sexy strands.

  1. Shake the bottle and spritz Aussie’s NEW Heat Protecting Shine Spray on damp hair to help shield it from heat damage
  2. Follow the line up from your nose to create a perfect center part
  3. Loosely blow dry hair downward
  4. Separate hair into two-inch wide sections and flat iron down
  5. Turn wrist towards face for volume at the ends

Style: Soft Half-Moon Waves. If you’re already prepping your locks for the post-summer months, try this quick and easy fall trend that takes beachy waves to new heights.

  1. Allow hair to naturally dry
  2. Using the flat iron, create “c” shapes in alternating directions down one-inch sections of hair to create waves
  3. Once you have completed the waving, apply Aussie’s NEW Smoothing Serum to smooth down your style and protect against frizz for 24 hours

Style: The Perfectly Protected Blow Out. You’ll be the center of attention at holiday gatherings this picture-perfect smooth style.

  1. Massage Aussie’s NEW Split-End Protector throughout damp hair to help prevent split or damaged ends
  2. Loosely blow dry hair until it is 80 percent dry
  3. Separate hair into six medium-sized sections
  4. Using a boar bristle and nylon combination flat brush, blow dry each section parallel to the brush

Style: Shiny Locks with a Lift. For a look that lasts all day, so you won’t have to worry about touch-ups while you’re out celebrating a special occasion.

  1. Set your hair in large, two-inch Velcro rollers (over direct the roots for extra volume!) and blow dry
  2. Remove rollers and run your fingers through the style
  3. Spritz Aussie’s Spray Gloss for shine that won’t add that unwanted sticky feel