9 Beauty Tips for the New Year.


It is the new year and it is time to rethink your beauty routine. Here are some great beauty tips shared by top NYC dermatologist Dr. Sejal Shah.

Put these beauty tips to use NOW for a better you in 2013!

1. Wear sunscreen EVERYDAY.  For regular daily wear, a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15 is also adequate.

2. ALWAYS remove your makeup before going to bed.

3. Use gentle cleansers and don't rub vigorously when washing.  AVOID harsh products.

4. Use a GENTLE exfoliator once a week.

5. Use products with ANTIOXIDANTS for their protective and antiaging benefits.

6. ADD in a Hyaluronic Acid product to keep your skin hydrated and give it a more rejuvenated appearance.

7. If your skin tends to be SENSITIVE, look for products with anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as Green Tea Extract and Niacinamide.

8. Don't forget to PROTECT that delicate skin around your eyes! Use an eye cream with an SPF daily, wear sunglasses, and use a moisturizing eye cream at night (you can use an eye cream tailored for your specific need e.g. antiaging, dark circles, etc).

9. Make sure you get PLENTY of rest, eat a well-balanced diet, limit alcohol consumption, and quit smoking.

Sejal K. Shah, M.D. is a board certified dermatologist in private practice in Manhattan.  She practices general and cosmetic dermatology. During her research fellowship and residency training, Dr. Shah has published numerous articles and book chapters and presented at several national and international meetings.  Her research interests include skin of color, laser and light-based medicine, and cosmeceuticals.