A Candle that is Good Enough to (almost) Eat.

I am obsessed with Peppermint Bark. The way, it looks. The way it smells. The way it... I have never tasted it. Because I suffer from migraine headaches and chocolate being one of its' triggers, I do not eat anything chocolate. So when I read about this Peppermint Bark Candle made for Godiva, my eyes opened wide.

How pretty would this candle look in my home? It would obviously look beautiful. Even more, how delicious would this smell burning in my home?

Inspired by hand-made Peppermint Bark, this candle features both fine dark and white chocolate  married together with Madagascar bourbon vanilla, with the essence of crushed peppermint. It must smell divine.

Did I mention this candle was created by Godiva? This scented candle is the brand’s first foray into the home fragrance category in its over 80 year history. Led by Laura Slatkin, CEO of Candela Group, the Godiva Home Fragrance Collection was developed by combining the talents of the fragrance industry’s master perfumers with the expertise of Godiva’s master chef chocolatiers.

This inaugural creation is available at Neiman Marcus for $22.50. Maybe it will just satisfy my peppermint bark craving after all.