All NEW: Beauty News, Promos and Teen Beauty at Beautiful Makeup Search.

In an effort to streamline Beautiful Makeup Search and bring you even more beauty, I just launched a few more sections to the site. Check out the all new Beauty News, Beauty Promotions (launched earlier this year) and Teen Beauty (coming soon) sections.

Visit each section through the links at the top of the site, under the header. Or, you can click on the most recent posts from each section, by simply clicking on the title in the right hand side bar. The easiest way to stay in tune with everything on the site, though, is to subscribe to each section.

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Here is the latest from each section:




So, in addition to checking out the main page with the latest in beauty products and reviews through regular posts, be sure to check out each section every day. With the exception of Teen Beauty, which for now will only feature a weekly post on Fridays, news and promotions will be posted as I receive them to be sure you can read it here first!

I hope you enjoy it, and please continue to send in all comments, questions or suggestions to me teri (at) beautifulmakeupsearch (dot) com.