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What is the first thing you notice about someone else — how they dress, how they talk, their eyes, their smile? I think I most often notice someone's smile first. I then start to wonder... what lipstick are they wearing, did they layer the products to get that color? Ha! I love a great smile and perfect teeth. I think I'm so obsessed with a great smile because I have not been blessed with a nice smile or perfectly straight teeth myself.

Smile Direct Club Review

I did not have the opportunity to have braces or aligners (there wasn't even such a thing) when I was younger and learned to live with my slight overbite and little snaggletooth. I have had a lot of dental work in my adult years to correct what I could, but the cosmetic dental work I have had could never do the job of what braces or aligners would. I knew that my children would not suffer an imperfect smile, so as soon as the orthodontist said it was time, it was braces and/or aligners for them.

My oldest Justin did not need anything; his teeth and bite are pretty much perfect. Caci uses Invisalign currently and has been for almost two years. She had a HUGE fear of the dentist or anyone touching her mouth, so it took a very long time convincing her to get it done. My youngest son had traditional wire braces for almost three years; he had a very complicated case, but now has the most beautiful smile. That leaves Jonathon. Jonathon just finished his first year in college. Over the past year or two, he started having some issues and his teeth started crowding. We actually went to the orthodontist and had images taken in preparation for an Invisalign treatment. Before heading back in to get a treatment plan worked up, I was contacted by SmileDirectClub and we were intrigued.

I had heard of SmileDirectClub but was not 100% sure what it was. Once we investigated, Johnathon and I agreed that this was a better solution for him. 

SmileDirectClub is pretty revolutionary; they deliver your very own, custom made, invisible aligners straight to your door. No wire braces, no waiting rooms, and no crazy prices to get a smile you love. 

You can either book a 3D scan at a SmileShop or get an at-home kit sent to you. Once your impressions are created, a dental professional will create your treatment plan. So simple!

Being that Jonathon has a full-time internship and will be returning back to college soon, getting to bi-weekly orthodontist appointments was going to be very difficult for him. We knew that SmileDirectClub was going to be great for him. We went with the at-home impression kit, which had everything in it that he needed to make his impressions.

Smile Direct Club Review
Smile Direct Club Review
Smile Direct Club Review
Smile Direct Club
Smile Direct Club
Smile Direct Club

We just sent them off and are awaiting the aligners and will begin treatment as soon as they are received. We will update you with Jonathon's progress on social and will be back with his complete thoughts on the process plus a before and after when he has completed the treatment.

The best part about the SmileDirectClub for parents like me is that SmileDirectClub costs 60% less than other options and even has two easy ways to pay. SmilePay is low monthly payments of $95 a month (or less), or pay even less with Single Pay— a single payment of $1850. 

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We have been provided with the SmileDirectClub service for free of charge for editorial consideration. All opinions are my own. Please see disclosure policy for complete information.


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