Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius.

You have your favorite mascara. It is perfect for you. There is just one problem. It is not waterproof and you need it to be. Whether you are going to be frolicking in the ocean this summer or tearing up at a wedding, there is no need to search for a waterproof version or (gasp!) a new mascara. Why? Because Anastasia Beverly Hills has created the perfect top coat to make any mascara waterproof. Meet Lash Genius.

Lash Genius instantly waterproofs, refreshes and protects  any mascara, without the typical drying or clumping. It is colorless, silky and lightweight. All is does is simple. It waterproofs your favorite mascara.

I have tested it and Lash Genius is just that - genius. It does not change the way my mascara looks or feels. I used it swimming in the ocean and a pool and my mascara did not budge. It also lasted through hours of crying (I've been an emotional wreck lately!) where many waterproof mascaras seem to fail. My tears did not even break down the formula. I've found that you need to use an oil based eye makeup remover to get it all off, but it is so worth the extra effort.

Look for Lash Genius now at Sephora. It retails for $21.00.