Anastasia Bold & Beautiful Kit.


If you makeup look focuses on your eyes, then this luxurious book set for perfectly groomed brows and beautiful brows is for you. That is just what Anastasia had in mind when creating this 2 piece kit that features two volumes (palettes) for bother eyes and brows. Meet the Anastasia Bold & Beautiful Kit.

How cute is the book set?

As I said, the kit contains 2 palettes, or volumes; in this case Volume 1 and Volume 2.

Vol. 1 Bold Brows

This palette contains a universal Brow Powder shade, a Pomade, Mini Duo Brush and Mini Tweezers. Start with the tweezers to sculpt brows. The original Anastasia Tweezers are my go to for shaping my brows and this mini version that fits in the palette will get the job done. The slanted tips easily grasp hairs, one at a time and remove them easily. Next take the spooley end of the brush and brush brows into place. After shaping brows, set them in place with the Pomade. This is a creamy wax, that looks much darker in the palette than it is. It helps keeps brows in place and is a base for the color. Finally, finish the brow look by using the slanted end of the brush and use the Brow Powder to define them. The color is a medium ash color that is pretty universal to most brow colors.

Vol. 2 Beautiful Eyes

This palette contains four matte and simmering shadows in a versatile range of neutral shades. They range from a light matte peachy beige to a very dark brown with a lot of multicolored sparkle. You can layer them and even use them wet or dry to create anything from a subtle sheer wash of color to an intense, nude smoky eye. If you want to use one of the shades as an eyeliner, dip the liner end of the brush into the Pomade (in the brow palette) then dip it into your eye shadow color of choice. It looks really pretty when using the darkest shade.

The Anastasia Bold & Beautiful Kit is for sale at for $36.00. Her products are usually available at Sephora too, so keep an eye for it there this spring as well.