Back to Basics and Moisturizing with Simple Skincare.

I have been putting my skin through a lot by testing and trying some pretty heavy duty skin care products and tools. I even have some pretty exciting new technology that I will be telling you about really soon. Putting my skin through so much in a short period of time has done a number on my skin though. I have had to cut back over the last few weeks as my skin is been really dry and even had a "freak out"; it was really red and I even had a few breakouts which is so unlike my skin.

Simple Skincare Moisturizers

I had to go "back to basics". This is what I do when I feel I have just done too my to my skin. Simple Skincare just launched two new moisturizers and they couldn't have come at a better time for me. They offer moisturization without all the fluff -- and they are perfect for sensitive skin, like mine right now.

Simple Ultra Light Gel Moisturizer
This is a gel based moisturizer that is very light and fast absorbing. It is very moisturizing though so don't let the gel feel or formula fool you. This is perfect for day.

Nourishing 24-Hour Day/Night Cream
This non-greasy cream is very hydrating but not too much for sensitive skins. It is enriched with vitamins for long lasting nourishing and very smooth skin. I like this one for night.

Look for the new Simple Skincare moisturizers at your favorite drugstore or mass retailers.