Beautiful Makeup Search 10 Year Birthday.

Is it an Anniversary? A birthday? A Blogaversary? I do not know, so I am sticking with BIRTHDAY as 10 years ago, Beautiful Makeup Search was born.  

It was born from a simple idea. You see, I had just come from a department store beauty counter for what seemed like the hundredth time, when I was pressured into buying a product that was not right for my coloring or skin type.  You know, those products that are new where sales associates were told they needed to push the sales in order to meet their goal? Yeah - a product that I did not need.  It was an endless cycle. I came home and searched all over the internet to find a site that would honestly tell me about some of these products. I found a few sites that bashed beauty products and that was not what I wanted. I wanted to know about the best in beauty. The latest, the greatest; with real reviews.  I found nothing. Nada. So I decided to start one on my own. Ten years later, here I am.

Check me out ten years ago!

We have grown quite a lot since then. Take a look below at how we have grown every year since then!

In celebrating this milestone, I have a lot in store for you!. Every day this month I am having a flash giveaway - each and every day. Make sure you come back each day to enter the giveaways. Some big, some small,  but all full of some of the hottest beauty items on the market, and I know you will want a chance at winning some of these beauties.

Thank you all so much for your continued support throughout the previous ten years and here is to a continued ten more.