Beauty and Health Go Hand in Hand, plus Help for Haiti.

As I seem to concentrate so much about outer beauty with a small focus on inner beauty, which I hope we all realize is more important, I cannot emphasise enough how important good health is to beauty - both inside and out.

You may have noticed I did not post much this week, and that is because not taking care of myself got in the way and I wound up in the hospital. So not the fun place to be!

Suffice it to say, that I put off a problem that I knew I had because, well, I was just too busy. Looking back, I do hear how ridiculous that sounds. But with four children, the Holidays, my husbands new business opening next week and me with my own business, I put myself last once again. Until, I could not anymore and wound up being rushed to the ER. Take the cues from your body, my beautiful friends. If you don't feel right, or in my case, if you know something is wrong but put it off for NO GOOD REASON, don't hesitate to get the help you need and put yourself first. Make yourself a priority in your life! If you don't, who will?

Thank God I am ok and will continue to be okay, provided I take better care of myself. This is my pledge to myself and my family. Please take care to do it yourself. Simply put, there is no beauty in being sick.

If a major health issue is not enough of a wake-up call, seeing the devastation on the island of Haiti definitely is. Our world can change in an instant, as it did for the great people of Haiti. Please take a moment and do what you can to help. The night I heard of the earthquake, I made a text donation to the Red Cross.  I know this has been a great campaign, but I also heard that by donating via text, there is a 90 day lag in time that the Red Cross or these other charities can get theses funds. So this morning, I made another donation directly through the American Red Cross website. Thus, when I hit the big red "donate now" button, not only could I choose to which part of the Red Cross my funds went to, the Red Cross got my money immediately. No matter how you do it, or to which charity (just make sure they are reputable like the Red Cross) you donate to, please take a few minutes and a few dollars and help. Every cent in a situation to a country as poor as Haiti definitely helps.

I will be back Monday with regular beauty posts that has mind buzzing about.