Beauty Bargains from the Drug Store.

No one knows better than us beauty gals that the costs of beauty goods can really add up. Between the daily products like shampoos, cleansers, moisturizers and makeup, to nail polish hair color and even specialty beauty tools, I am afraid to add up how much I spend on a monthly basis. 

I do what I can to save.  When I see a sale on haircare products at CVS, I stock up. If I have a friends and family or discount code I wait, use it, and stock up not only the new products I want, but the ones I continually use.  But did you ever think of saving by using real coupons? I had not until I was contacted by my friends at They showed me how easy it can be to find beauty bargains at the drugstore – while still buying name brand products. sent me a beauty basket filled with some beauty products that were purchased with coupons at a local drugstore. They were able to buy $83.85 worth of beauty products for $36.50 by using coupons downloaded from their site, specifically in the Personal Care section at That’s a savings of $47.35! Just think what you could do with that extra money (I would probably go back and spend more on beauty or get an unplanned pedicure!). In the basket was some shampoo and conditioner, body lotion, hair color, nail polish, lipstick, eyeshadows and more from the beauty aisles. Who doesn't want to save like this?

Check out now and you can find coupons such as $1.00 off any NYC Color Cosmetics product, $3.00 off Rimmel foundation, $2.00 on AmLactin Moisturizing Lotion, $2.00 off on KISS Eyelashes and more.  It's a great way to start saving. The coupons change often too, so I am checking back a few times a week and grabbing the coupons that I know I would use. All you have to do is download the coupon printer from the site, check off the coupons you would like to "clip", then print them out - go to the drugstore and save.