Beauty Blog Love: 3/6/2011.

Some of the latest fragrance trends involve tea in a big way. Naturally, you would expect noithing but the best from Jo Malone. {The Daily Cookie}

Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers have nothing on this red nail beauty. {15 Minute Beauty Fanatic}

Some of your favorite Sephora brands will be making their debut on QVC this week. {Beauty News & Promos}

I may not be big on fragrance, but I am on bottle design. I will definitely be buying this new one from Bond No. 9 just for that reason. {Blogdorf Goodman}

The grey nail polish trend is here to stay, especially if Dior has anything to do about it. Their latest collection is full of beautiful greys in various shades. {Makeup Loves Me}

Another collectible palette, this time from Chantecaille, that I want. Make that NEED. {Product Girl}

Want to get rid of under eye bags for once and for all? Try one of these ways. {Endless Beauty}