Beauty Favorites Friday: Beautisol Dark Body Self-Tanner in Summer Glow.

Today's favorite comes from my beauty blogging friend Stephanie Louise Telford of the blog All Things Beautiful. Stephanie describes herself as a compulsive nail polish swatcher and general makeup hoarder. Reviews of everything beauty related can be found on her blog.

Stephanie love the Beautisol Dark Body Self-Tanner in Summer Glow. Let's take a look why.


When I was younger, I loved soaking up the rays. We'd head to the beach straight after school & soak them in. My hair was blonde & my tan was fierce. Life was grand.

Then I got smart about SPF. Being an avid SPF user now means, you guessed it, no more natural tan. That's where Beautisol stepped in!

Summer Glow is a dark self-tanner that applies with a guide color, virtually scent-less compared to other tanners, & leaves me with a natural looking tan. I'm naturally quite pale so I've tired pretty much everything in the self-tanning range & this blows other products away.

Each bottle includes 2 pairs of gloves & a fab application guide that gives you the best tips & tricks for getting the perfect tan. I love that it instantly tans as well like a lotion that way if I notice I look a bit off. The smell isn't nonexistant but it also isn't unpleasant. As long as you give yourself a great exfoliation beforehand, it also lasts quite awhile. I find myself reapplying about every two weeks but that's so I maintain a medium tone. Just because I want to take care of my skin doesn't mean I have to be pale! When it comes to rocking a tan in the summer, Beautisol Dark Body Self-Tanner in Summer Glow is the only one I've found that exceeds expectations!


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