Beauty Tips Tuesday: Lucious Winter Lips.

Lips can be lucious, they just have to be cared for. I have a few great tips to keep your lips looking their best, all season long.

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Beauty Tips for Dry Winter Lips


It's a fact. Lips will just not look good if they are dry, flaky or chapped. Every week, use a lip scrub to slough away dead, dry skin. You can buy a great lip scrub like BLISS Fabulips™ or Fresh Brown Sugar Lip Scrub, but I like to make my own. I mix a small amount of olive or almond oil and mix it with just enough brown sugar to make a paste. I scrub it over my lips for about a minute and rinse off.


Lip balm should be a part of your regular routine, not just when lips feel dry or chapped. The last thing I do before I get into bed is apply a lip balm to my lips to keep them soft and smooth overnight and beyond. Whether you use a tube of Chapstick or a jar of LaMer Lip Balm, it doesn't really matter. Keeping them moist and hydrated, especially overnight will get the job done.

Use a Humidifier

I use a room size humidifier in my bedroom every night in the winter. The extra bit of moisture seems to help my lips absorb lip balm better than if I don't use one. The added moisture is also essential to keeping them plumper.