Beautyblender red.carpet Makes its Debut.

One of my most used, most loved and most recommended beauty tools is the Beautyblender makeup sponge. This sponge simply makes applying foundation and concealer (along with other cream makeup products) a breeze. The brand just introduced a new shade of this iconic sponge as an ode to their loyal red carpet leading ladies and I thought it was the perfect reminder to those of you who may have not tried this wonder sponge yet. You see, beautyblender has just partnered with Sephora to debut red.carpet. Everything is the same, except the color.

Beautyblender red.carpet

The beautyblender sponge makes application of foundation and concealer totally even, while covering skin and making it appear almost flawless. When bouncing, yes BOUNCING, or in makeup terms, stippling the Beautyblender sponge over the face, an air-brush finish will be achieved. No lines, no streaks, no tell-tale sign of demarcation. Just a beautiful, airbrushed-like finish.

It's simple. Wet the beautyblender, squeeze, bounce.

Beautyblender red.carpet is available exclusively at Sephora for $20.00.

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