Best 10 Foundations for Every Skin Type.

Last year I shared my top 10 foundations and since then I've tried a slew of others. While some of my best foundations are still the same, there are some new ones that have actually become part of my regular foundation rotation. I think the great thing about my best foundations is that they really are good for all skin types as I wear these at different times of the year and for different occasions — from every day to formal events. So whether you are looking for light coverage to full, there is something here for everyone.

The BEST 10 Foundations for Every Skin Type

The best foundation makeup is suitable for every skin type and these made my list. While most of them are liquid foundations, some are lighter coverage (don't let the CC Cream name fool you), I do have three powder foundations that made my best 10 foundations list. Two of the powder foundations are repeats because I use these foundations often, especially in the summer.