Best Bronzer: Dior Bronze Matte Sunshine.

The most believable faux glow is one that is matte.  I mean, honestly, our skin does not have shimmer or sparkle to it, so if you are looking for a natural, healthy looking tan, matte is definitely the way to go.  I use a bronzer, a matte one, every single day of the year, then layer other products over it. This is the one I use, Dior Bronze Matte Sunshine.

Boasting an SPF of 20 and good for your skin ingredients, this bronzer makes my skin glow, from the inside out. The finish is very even and natural looking, all you have to do is select your perfect shade, as there are four shades to choose from.

Select from 001 Healthy Matte, 002 Honey Matte, 003 Amber Matte or 004 Spicy Matte. In the winter months, when I am my most pale, I useHealthy Matte, while when I am sporting a sef tan, I use Amber Matte.

Another quality I cannot live without is that these bronzers last all day as they are waterproof - and tested.  I can sweat and the bronzer stays put, just where I applied it.

Pick up Dior Bronze Matte Sunshine SPF20 at Sephora, fine departments stores or online at It retails for $44.00.