Best Bronzer: GlowFusion Intuitive Active Bronzer

Fusion Beauty's products, particularly those of Glow Fusion, always perplex me. There is just so much science behind their products, that I sometimes wonder - is it hype? Or are these so called "revolutionary" products really different?

Fusion Beauty's GlowFusion Intuitive Active Bronzer is formulated with their M-Tox - a special blend of naturally derived ingredients that hinder muscle movement.  M-Tox. Is it the naturally derived alternative to Botox? Well, that should be a post in itself, so excuse my question.

"This featherweight pressed bronzer creates a gorgeous glow while softly restoring your youthful lit-from-within radiance. Invisiskin delivers additional antioxidant botanicals including rice bran and honey extract into the skin and keeps skin hydrated and protected for up to 24 hours, while a soft focus effect imparts a creamy texture and diffuses light to soften imperfections. It targets the expression lines while inhibiting muscle contractions to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and rejuvenates your youthful radiance while protecting your skin from free radicals that expedite premature aging."

This bronzer is also supposed to look different on everyone, as it intuitively compliments everyone's skin tone differently. I agree with this as it is a sheer bronzer that will definitely look different on all.  The pigment is thee, but it is more of a wash of pigment. It looks very nice on my skin and does last throughout the day. I have been using Luminous, which imparts a natural, sun kissed bronzed look to my skin. It also comes in Golden and Sunshine.

GlowFusion Bronzer sells for $39.00 and is available at Sephora.