Best Bronzer: Take Your Tan to the Next Level with TEMPTU.

Tanning, self-tanning of course, with an airbrush is the easiest way to get the most even, perfect, flawless faux-tan.  I've written about my love of the Luminess Airbrush system,  but I have another system to share with you. This one, my friends, is the platinum of airbrush systems, and my faux-glow has never looked so real.  Meet TEMPTU and the Tanning Starter Set.

Let me start by saying that using the system is easy. After following a few minutes of instructions of unpacking and setting up the system, you are pretty much good to go.

Each formula is contained in an AIR pod. The Tanning Starter Set contains three AIR pods: a Tan Prep, a Face Tan, A Bronzer and a bonus Body Glow when you purchase the whole system.

The Tan Prep is an integral step in the tanning process.  This contains a solution that gently exfoliates the skin leaving it very smooth to insure a beautiful, smooth self-tanning application.  I spray this on a few minutes before using the Face Tan, and use it every other time I use the face tan, or I would be exfoliating away too much of the Face Tan.  It dries quickly, so that you can use the Face Tan in the next step. The Face Tan is the self-tanner.  I spray this over my face and neck, very lightly, every two days to maintain my faux-glow. The Bronzer gives an instant glow to the skin, and I spray this on, over my foundation everyday, where the sun would naturally hit me, concentrating on my cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin. The color is beautiful. The Body Glow is meant to add a slight bronzed glow to the skin all over the body.  Did you see how beautiful Carrie Underwood glowed at the American Idol finale? She was sprayed with Body Glow before her appearance and looked gorgeous, if you ask me.

To use the AIR pod, all you do is shake it a few times, uncork the tiny little plug, and attach the pod to the applicator wand.  Set the compressor on the lowest speed to start and spray away. When spraying you want to begin with the less is more approach. Spray gently over the skin, moving the applicator wand in small circular movements all over the skin. Skin will feel slightly damp for a few seconds and may not look even immediately upon spraying, but within no time, really less than a minute, you will notice how smooth and even the skin is. When finishing up, you simply remove the pod from the wand, cork the little plug, and store until next time.

The Tanning Starter Set sells everything together for $295.00 to get the best and most of a self-tan and bronzed look.

The set includes:

  • AIRbrush Makeup System
  • AIR pod Body Glow
  • AIR pod Tan Prep
  • AIR pod Face Tan
  • AIR pod Bronzer
  • 3-pod AIR pod Stand
  • Instructional DVD

What is different about the TEMPTU system itself is that the pods contain both the color and formula, but also the parts of an airbrush system that seem to fail over time (ie. pin/needle). This, to me, makes the system more valuable as the compressor will continue to function over a longer period of time with less maintenance. Not cleaning the needle and applicator after each step is a huge plus.

If you already have the airbrush system, you can purchase the three step self-tanning system alone though TEMPTU or Sephora for $75.  This set contains just the three AIR pods (Tan Prep, Face Tan, Bronzer) and the 3-pod AIR pod stand.

For more information and to purchase online visit, or, where the system is also available.