Best Bronzers: Go Bronze with Borghese.

When it comes to tanned skin, faux is really the only way to glow!  But just because you use a cream, powder or shimmer doesn’t mean that your “sun-kissed skin” has to look fake.  Borghese has a wide range of summer essentials to turn you from blanche to bronzed just in time for summer without the harmful UV rays!

Check out these summer essentials that will have you going bronze in no time.

Milano Multi-Bronzer - $31.00
Sweep this multi-shaded bronzing powder over your face and neck to enhance your skin tone in a few seconds. A perfect harmony of sun-kissed colours provides natural-looking warmth and radiance to the skin, in an almost adjustable shade.

Splendore Brightening Body Glow - $35.50
Give your body a flawless look with this lightweight, moisturizing shimmer lotion. The subtle shimmer brightens and flatters any skin tone leaving gorgeous radiance. Minor skin imperfections are camouflaged and skin tone appears more even. Skin is lightly scented and hydrated with added vitamins and glycerin.

Summer Glo SPF 20 Tinted Moisturizer - $29.00
This light weight moisturizer gently kisses the skin with a healthy radiance and a touch of protective moisture. The color is and coverage are perfect to even out skin tone and provide a flawless finish, with a hint of bronze.

All of the bronzing beauties can be found at a Borghese counter or online at