Best Bronzers: Hard Candy Fox in a Box.

How cute are these bronzing duos from Hard Candy? The name, Fox in a Box, is just as cute and catchy.

Each Fox in a Box contains a nicely pigmented bronzer and blush.  You can sweep them together for your customized blend, or you can layer them. Apply on the bronzer first, just where the sun would touch you, and add a pop of color on the cheeks with the blush. While the brush is cute too, throw it away and use a fluffy, full, or kabuki brush for even and easy application.

Fox in a Box comes in two shades. Truth or Dare has a bright pink shade of blush with a nice medium shade of bronzer.  Skinny Dipping has a lighter bronzer shade, with a brighter shade, a very pigmented coral, in it.

Each Fox in a Box Bronzer/Blush Duo sells for $6.00. Hard Candy is available at Walmart.