Best Bronzers: NYX CosmeticsTango with Bronzing Powder & Tango with Bronzing Stick.

I was excited to try two different variations of bronzers from NYX Cosmetics. As stated in the title, there is a bronzing powder and a bronzing stick.

Bronzing Powder

Tango with Bronzing Powder is a smooth, shimmering bronzer made up of a mosaic of bronzer shades. From a very light champagne shimmer, a light peachy tone, to a dark copper bronze, the colors blend together to give a gorgeous glow - with a soft shimmer. Forget the brush that comes with this and use a nice fluffy brush to apply this wherever you want to go.

The Tango with Bronzing Powder comes in five varieties of bronzing blends - Confessions of Tanaholic, Bronze Ensemble, Tribal Odyssey (the one I tried and is pictured above), When Leopard Gets a Tan and Tan Enthusiasm. Each one sells for $12.00.

Bronzing Stix

The Tango with Bronzing Stix that I tried is a very pinky/peachy shade that gives more of a warm, sun kissed glow, almost the color of spending a long day in the sun where you got a touch of a burn - though a soft and sultry one.  I found that rubbing this around on the back of my hand and then applying with my fingers or a sponge from that color worked best, as it didn't glide on as smoothly over my cheeks as I would have liked for the most natural look.

Tango with Bronzing Stix comes in four different shades - Tango and Highlight, Merengue Flush (the color I tested), Bronzy Lambada and Cha Cha with Sun God. Each one is $10.00.

All of the Tango with Bronzing products can be purchased online at NYX Cosmetics.