Best Bronzers: Smashbox O-BRONZE.

They brought us O-GLOW, O-GLOSS and now Smashbox has done it again with O-BRONZE, perfect as a creamy bronzer to bring you a personalized glow to your skin.

Smashbox O-Bronze Intuitive Cheek Bronzer delivers a personalized pair of sunkissed cheeks! This intuitive cheek bronzer transforms from a white cream to your custom shade of bronze. O-Bronze is packed with Goji-Berry C-Complex, ginkgo biloba, and pomegranate seed for antioxidant protection

Squeeze out a small amount of the white cream, spread gently over your cheeks and feel tiny beads burst as they start to deliver the perfect bronzed shade to cheeks.  I love the light, peachy bronzed shade it gave me.  I swiped a bit on my daughter who has a much darker olive complexion than me, and she got a beautiful golden bronze.  No shimmer, no sparkle, just a natural look for both of us.

O-BRONZE is available for $26.00 at

If you have used O-BRONZE let me know the shade you got after blending.