BLOW ready set blow express blow dry lotion.

I’m a mom with a three-year-old and a five-month-old. I’m lucky to find time for a shower let alone time to dry/style my hair which is why I jumped at the chance to try BLOW ready set blow express blow dry lotion. Anything that can save me even a couple of minutes of time is a godsend.

From the award winning New York Blow Dry Bar, their exclusive collection of “blow dry care” products was specifically designed to give you better blow dry results at home. Ready set blowclaims to accelerate blow dry time, tame frizz, static, flyaways, and volumize hair.

I have thick naturally wavy hair so most days I just let it air dry. For the purposes of the review I decided to use the ready set blow™ to dry it straight. Color me impressed! That was the closest I’ve gotten to a salon style blowout at home (and all I used for tools was a blow-dryer and my fingers). My hair was soft and shiny and for once I didn’t have flyaway hairs everywhere. I also lent it to a hairstylist I know to try on some of her regular clients. She found that it did speed up the drying time somewhat but what impressed her most was the volume her client’s hair had without the addition of any other products.

While it might not have significantly cut down on my drying time, it DID cut down on the amount of post-blow-dry styling I had to do and that makes it a keeper in my eyes.

Ready set blow retails for $21.00 and is available at and