Bobbi Brown Friends & Family Event on NOW!

A friends and family event for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics? Yes, PLEASE!

Who doesn't love Bobbi and a savings, of get this, 20% off EVERYTHING from today, April 11th - April 13th.  Shop on and receive a 20% discount on all orders, and complimentary shipping with any order over $65.

I am breaking out my credit card for a few new beauties and some old faves. Here are my recommendations:

EXTRA Repair Foundation SPF25 - $55.00 regular, $44.00 with 20% off
This is a brand new launch from Bobbi and I got a chance to use it a few times before my fun hospital stay last week. Look for a full review soon, but if you have dry skin, want build able yet very natural coverage, you will want to try this.

Creamy Concealer Kit - $32.00 regular, $25.60 with 20% off
I have not tried this concealer kit yet, but if I ever needed some major concealing, then now is the time. This is one beauty I am purchasing. Containing both a creamy concealer and a special pressed powder to set it, Bobbi's "Secret of the Universe", will be mine.

Skin Foundation SPF 15 - $45.00 regular, $36.00 with 20% off
When I was in between shades last fall and wanted a natural foundation to blend out my fading tan, a bit real and a bit faux after a long summer in the sun, I went to Neaiman Marcus and Bobbi Brown artist for help. After a few swatches, I chose this foundation, which goes on beautifully with a brush, for the perfect coverage, blend ability and finish. Here is my full review of Skin Foundation.

Hydrating Face Cream or Hydrating Gel Cream - $50.00 regular, $40.00 with 20% off
When I picked up my Skin Foundation last fall, the Bobbi artist gave me samples of both the Hydrating Face Cream and Hydrating Gel Cream. I have tested both and like both very much, so I am having a very hard time deciding which one to purchase. I like the way that the Hydrating Gel Cream feels under a foundation, but I like the rich feeling of the Hydrating Face Cream. Check out the Hydrating Skincare Review.

Creamy Eye Pencil - $20.00 regular, $16.00 with 20% off
For the creamiest, easy to apply eyeliner EVER, this is my pick. It glides on and stays on beautifully. There is not a week that goes by where I do not use one of my many favorite shades. I will be stocking up on Brown Plum, Walnut, Caviar, Charcoal, Dusk and Jet.

If you are looking for a new variety of eye or lip shades, be sure to check out her beautiful eye and lip palettes as well. There are many to choose from, and I promise you will not be disappointed with any of your choices.

Shop soon, as this is only going on for three days and you do not want to miss out. Just shop on as usual by adding items to your shopping bag, and the discount will be applied automatically at checkout. Easy, peasy!

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