Brighten Eyes with MAKE UP FOR EVER White Kohl Pencil.

A few weeks, I was treated to a photo shoot in NYC for taking part in the PaloVia Top Testers program. Before the shoot, I had my hair and makeup done for the picture. While I wasn't thrilled with the eye makeup on a whole, I loved how bright my eyes looked. The reason for this was the Matte White Kohl Pencil from MAKE UP FOR EVER.

I like a lot of eye liner and voluminous mascara which are notably absent in my "look", (where are my lashes? Ha!) but there is no denying that I looked wide awake and my eye had an overall brighter look to them.

After making up my eyes, the makeup artist lined the inner rim of my eyes with the MAKE UP FOR EVER Kohl Pencil in 2K Matte White. Its formula is a particularly gentle blend of vegetable lipids, vitamin E, mango seed oil, hydrogenated cottonseed oil, and jojoba oil. It’s not waterproof, which is why it’s great for the waterline and didn't bother my somewhat sensitive eyes at all.

Look for MAKE UP FOR EVER's White Kohl Pencil at Sephora, where it sells for $17.00.