Brow Solutions from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Anastasia Soare, the creator of Anastasia Beverly Hills, is widely known as the brow expert. This is no wonder as her expertise is relied upon by some of the biggest celebrities. She regularly grooms the brows of Oprah, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell, amongst many others as they frequent her salons in the famed Beverly Hills and neighboring Brentwood, CA. She has developed a fantastic line of brow products that can help us "regular" people get the same celeb look in our homes.  You have seen the products at Sephora too, where her complete makeup collection is carried as well.

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I have recently been testing some of her brow products and tools, in what I like to call the ultimate in brow solutions.

Her brow tools are some of the best. I have been using her Precision Tweezers ($28.00) for years. I just started using the Scissors ($22.50), which are so handy and really do a great job at trimming brow hair.  She also makes very easy to use Brow Stencils ($20.00) to get the perfect shape for your brow. No matter what type of arch you want, she has a stencil for it. It is great to play with them to find the best look for you.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Scissors, Brow Stencils, Precision Tweezers

As far as brow fillers go, there are quite a few varieties available. No matter which you choose (I will profile some below) you do need her Clear Brow Gel ($21.00). The gel is, as it says, totally clear, and brushes brows into place and keeps them there without feeling stiff or sticky.  I actually use the gel before the pencil as I feel it gets my brows better into place, making my need for filling in less.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel

The product that I use to fill in my brows is the Brow Wiz ($20.00). I love the very fine tip that helps me fill in my brows with precision. I like to draw on actual looking hairs, and the pencil tip of the Wiz actually makes it looks very natural. I use the Medium Ash pencil, though my brows are darker than my hair color, it just looks very natural on me. The Brow Wiz comes in four shades: Ash Blonde, Brunette, Caramel and Medium Ash.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

Anastastia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Ash Blonde, Brunette, Caramel, Medium Ash

If you rather a standard brow pencil and need a larger range of color selection, Anastasia has her very popular Perfect Brow Pencil ($22.00). This pencil makes it very simple to blend color into the brow for a fuller, very natural look. The pencil applies velvety-smooth. The Brow Pencil comes in six shades: Ash Blonde/Taupe, Blonde, Brunette/Dark Blonde, Medium Ash/Medium Brown, Strawburn and Ultimate Brown/Soft Brown.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil

Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil Ash Blonde, Blonde, Brunette, Medium Ash, Strawburn, Ultimate Brown.

For those who want the ultimate defined brow, Anastasia has created the Brow Pen ($21.00). This fine tipped brow pen features a long-wearing formula that applies with ease, as it adheres to both skin and hair for a subtle, natural look. It dries really fast, lasts all day, and is easily removed with soap and water. The Brow Pen comes in two shades: Universal Light and Universal Deep.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pen

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pen Light, Deep

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