Calming My Sensitive Skin with Paula's Choice.


My skin is sensitive enough and the outdoor cold and indoor heat during the winter seems to make it even more sensitive. You see, I have rosacea. It's not something I talk about too much as I've just dealt with it. Ever since I have been in high school I've just covered up the redness on my cheeks with makeup and didn't give it much thought. As I have gotten older, my rosacea has become more of an issue and I am having to deal with it, especially this winter. I was recently given the opportunity to try the Paula's Choice Redness Relief Kit from her Calm line and I was thrilled because I am at the point where I need to face my sensitive skin head on once and for all.

Paula's Choice Redness Relief Kit contains six products that make up a complete five-step skin care routine (there are two moisturizers in the kit; one for day and one for night). There are two different kits to choose from — one for Normal to Dry skin and one for Normal to Oily skin. I'm very dry, so I obviously chose the Normal to Dry kit.

The kit comes elegantly packaged in a nice silver box with the products and ingredients listed on the back in plain sight. I love how Paula's Choice is very clear about all of the ingredients in her products in a pretty no-nonsense way. 

Inside the box were the products, which are all in silver and quite elegant and upscale in look and feel which, of course, I love. The products include:

Calm Redness Relief Cleanser, Normal to Dry
Calm Redness Relief Toner, Normal to Dry
Calm Redness Relief Relief 1% Exfoliant BHA Lotion Exfoliant
Calm Redness Relief Repairing Serum
Calm Redness Relief SPF 30 Mineral Moisturizer (Day Moisturizer)
Calm Redness Relief Moisturizer (Night Moisturizer)

Starting my routine with the Redness Relief Cleanser, my skin feels immediately soothed. The cleanser is creamy so it feels nourishing and foams up lightly. I like that it doesn't feel stripped after using. Skin is left thoroughly cleansed, with all makeup (even tougher mascara) removed without much effort.

The second step in the routine is the Redness Relief Toner. This is one of the parts in my routine where I was probably going wrong before; I normally use a toner that contains witch hazel and alcohol and I just learned that is not so good for sensitive skin. This toner has glide to it that seems to add moisture to my skin and again, feels soothing as it swipe it over my cleansed skin with a cotton pad. I only need a little bit to get that extra fresh and clean feel that a toner gives.

Next up is the exfoliating step in the routine, which is my favorite step. When you are big on anti-aging like I am, you know what a vital part of the routine this is. I am use to using 8% and 10% exfoliants — another problem. I was probably using too strong of an exfoliant and the wrong type of an exfoliant for my sensitive skin. This is a 1% BHA Lotion Exfoliant and I'm happy to say that this lightweight lotion is exactly the exfoliant that my skin has been needing. It is strong enough to get rid of the roughness that my skin has without aggravating it one bit. It is super gentle, yet still exfoliating away dead skin cells which is so vital to keeping skin fresh and glowing.

I think that the Redness Relief Repairing Serum , which I use next, has been the key to calming the redness in my skin. Since I have been using all of the products, particularly immediately after applying the serum, I notice that the redness on my cheeks are diminished. With a blend of targeted ingredients, it reduces inflammation and starts to repair skin. I love how it feels on my skin; it is so creamy smooth and hydrating as I apply it to my face and neck. One pump covers my face and one pump covers my neck. I use this serum twice a day and I feel like my skin is just drinking this in and putting it to work.

Finishing off the routine is a day or night moisturizer. For day it is the Redness Relief SPF 30 Mineral Moisturizer and night it is the Redness Relief Moisturizer . I am SO picky about my day moisturizer and this one passes the test. It is lightweight and almost milky out of the tube, but it blends into my skin and absorbs quick while leaving my skin feeling super hydrated. It does not interfere with makeup application or aggravate my skin at all. It is made with plant extracts, antioxidants and peptides to help calm the skin. It has SPF 30 which is a must. At night, when my skin usually feels its most sensitive, I use the Redness Relief Moisturizer which is definitely a night cream and is dreamy. It is much thicker than the day moisturizer and really calming and soothing on the skin. This one is made with plant oils, antioxidants and emollients to repair the skin. It is the perfect amount of hydration for night and leaves my skin feeling like silk.

Overall, I am more than happy that I got to test the Redness Relief products and will continue to use them. I know that I will be re-purchasing a few of them for sure. The Serum, Exfoliant and Moisturizers are must-haves for me. My skin is not only more smooth, it is not nearly as sensitive as it was a few weeks ago before I started testing. As I said, I think the Redness Relief Repairing Serum is the key to reducing redness in my skin. I feel as I don't have to use as much makeup to cover up since I have been using the products in the Paula's Choice Redness Relief Kit as well.

Is your skin super sensitive? Do you think you might have rosacea? Here are the signs to look for: Rosacea signs .

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