CARGO Cosmetic Tins.

I have been recently re-acquainted with the amazing CARGO Cosmetic Tins. These are no ordinary tins. These are iconic, signature tins that are super durable, stackable and filled with makeup the pros love. My favorites are the bronzers, of course, and the lip quads.

For the bronzers, I have HydraBronze and BeachBlush.

HydraBronze ($30) is a wonderful bronzer that actually boosts the moisture level in the skin as yuwear it. It looks super powdery, but in fact it is super soft and applies smoothe as silk. It lays beautiful on the skin as it glides over fine lines and wrinkles. The light reflecting particles brighten the skin as it highlights it, but very naturally.

BeachBlush ($30) is a palette with four stripes of alternating blush and bronzer, making it the ultimate marriage of both. Cheeks look perfectly flushed and glowing, with the super fine shimmer that looks gorgeous as it brushes over skin.

Sunset Beach is a pink/bronze palette.

Coral Beach is a warm peach /bronze palette.

The Lip Gloss Quads ($24.00) contain four beautifully color coordinated triangles of gloss.   The glosses are very rich and creamy, and full of pigment. They are nice and glossy, but rely on more color than shine. It's like wearing a high shine lipstick, because it really wears so well.  Wear them separately, mix them, or layer them for a customized look.

Argentina is filled with nude and berry shades.

Oceana is filled with pink shades.

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