A Trio of Treats from H2O Plus.

The weather has been crazy. One day I am in shorts (in November!) and the next I am dressed in layers and cannot seem to get warm enough. My skin is paying the price. I have been reaching into the beauty closet looking for some great body care products to treat myself. Last night I pulled out three products from the H2O Plus Spa line and I was so thrilled with how soft and smooth my skin was that I just had to share this with you right away.

The trio of treats I used all have a common ingredient, Sea Lotus, and it was like I was transformed to the spa with this sea sourced water lotus. It was so soothing yet refreshing at the same time. Take a look at what I used.

H2O+ Sea Lotus Skin Smoother, Body Wash & Body Lotion

H2O Plus Spa Sea Lotus Body Wash - $17.00
This exhilarating body wash renews the skin and deeply nourishes it with essential vitamins and minerals.  The Sea sourced water lotus and bamboo extract provide long term moisture so my skin not only immediately feels soft and smooth, but it feels that way for hours after too.

H2O Plus Spa Sea Lotus Skin Smoother - $20.00
This luxurious, exfoliating scrub is my favorite new treat. It immediately restored my natural glow and made my skin super soft. The sea salt provides gentle, yet effective exfoliation all areas of skin. Sweet almond and macadamia nut oils are quickly absorbed by my skin to provide extra nourishment and makes my skin even softer than what I would imagine.

H2O Plus Spa Sea Lotus Body Lotion - $21.00
This moisture rich lotion deeply hydrates and softens my skin like a rich cream would, but does it while feeling extremely light. The hydrating Marine Blend combined with red algae, Vitamin E and Provitamin B5 sooth and revitalize my skin even further. It also contains rich and luxurious mango and cocoa butters, which are rapidly absorbed to instantly smooth and protect my skin, leaving it soft and radiant.

H2O Plus is aavailable at Ulta, Ulta.com and H2OPlus.com.

H2O Plus Restore Our Water Planet Shower Gel for World Oceans Day.

I love the ocean. I consider the ocean one of the natural wonders of the world because there is seriously an entire world living beneath the ocean. It is so hard to see the devastation of pollution and what it has done to the ocean and what is living in it. That is where World Oceans Day comes in, and it just happens to be tomorrow June. World Oceans Day is about celebrating and protecting the planet ocean.

Skin care brand H2O Plus has joined with EarthEcho International to empower us to take action and help protect the ocean with the purchase of this refreshing, ocean-inspired shower gel named Restore Our Water Planet Shower Gel. H2O Plus will donate 10% of net sales from this shower gel to EarthEcho International for a better ocean and a better world. 

H2O Plus Restore Our Water Planet Shower Gel | Beautiful Makeup Search

The packaging is beautifully adorned with underwater illustrations. It also includes the important message that reminds you of the cause as well as H2O Plus’ philanthropic mission: to support the active restoration and preservation of our oceans.

H2O Plus Restore Our Water Planet Shower Gel is an oceanside scented ultra-hydrating shower gel. It is very fresh and clean, and reminds me of being at the ocean. It contains antioxidant-rich Watercress Extract and Iceland Moss to keep skin smooth. Provitamin B5, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera are added to lock soothing moisture and nutrients into the body.

Shop for the Restore Our Water Planet Shower Gel and support World Oceans Day at h20plus.com. The shower gel retails for just $10.00. Also, on June 8th, with every $50 purchase, H2O Plus will give you a filtered, reusable water bottle also featuring the Restore Our Water Planet for free.