Top Husband Approved Grooming Products.

I live with four men in my house. Yes, four of them. While three of them may be my children, they are all much bigger than me now so I pretty much consider them to be men. I'm lucky enough to have a bathroom all to myself. While I'd like to think it's because I need my own privacy and my own space - I have enough beauty products to open my own store - the men in my life are pretty obsessed with their own grooming habits. They are well stocked with their own beauty grooming products themselves. There is no way we could all share the same space! Finding the right products for the men in my life isn't easy - they are picky! They all have different wants and needs and they all have to please the big guy in the house... my husband.

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Help Your Man Feel Cool + Confident this Summer.

My house is full of a few things beside beauty and two of them are boys and music. I am a Mom to three boys in their teens and twenties and the house is always bumping the music. It's sort of lively around here! While my daughter and I seem to get to test a lot of beauty stuff pretty regularly, my boys do need help when it comes to feeling fresh, cool and confident. AXE has a new White Label and it's the brands new, more sophisticated variety for men -- and my boys are loving it.

AXE White Label to Keep Men Cool + Confident

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Get Game Day Ready with Dove Men+ Care.

Pre-game rituals help athletes prepare for the big games, but when it comes to the everyday MVP’s in my life, everyday grooming gets benched. Unfortunately, March Madness trumps shopping for personal care.

Dove Men+ Care

That’s why I’m glad that while I grab my groceries at my local Stop & Shop I can easily pick up our favorite personal care products from Dove, including their complete line for men. Dove Men+Care has an awesome line up of products that are a slam-dunk! From hair to face & body, his grooming playbook will be full.

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