How to Look and Feel Youthful this Summer with Jennifer Flavin Stallone.

Jennifer Flavin-Stallone, creator of HSN beauty line Serious Skin Care, shared with me some great tips on how to look and feel youthful! These tips coupled with her incredible skin care line for HSN will have you looking fresh this summer!

It just so happens that today, Jennifer will be launching a new product on HSN called LightFraxion.

LightFraxion enables the skin to receive beauty benefits from everyday exposure to UV light through a simple application of the topical lotion. The Morinda Citrifolia extract contains a special polyphenol that captures UV light and converts it to a visible red wavelength, which helps promote skin elasticity while eliminating fine lines and wrinkles.

Jennifer's tips:

  1. Get plenty of sleep-
    I know with our busy lifestyles that getting 8 hours of sleep is a challenge.  I try and get as much sleep as possible.  I also like to take 30 minutes out of my day to relax.  Maybe I will read a book or listen to music.  Sometimes just sitting down from a busy lifestyle and re-grouping can be just what I need.
  2. Drink lot's of water -
    Water is a staple in my household.  We all walk around with water bottles all day long.  Especially during a hot, Los Angeles Summer...summer can take its toll on your body.  I like to fill a large cup with water and sip it throughout the day.
  3. Set up an exercise and weight training routine -
    One of my favorite hobbies is to put on my iPod and run/walk around my neighborhood.  I like to go in the morning when the kids are at school.  I take this time to prepare for my day.  Occasionally, I will work out in the gym with a trainer or at home just to work out my muscles.  I know it is so important for my bone health.
  4. Try and eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables-
    The foundation of healthy, beautiful skin is nourishment through a healthy diet. When your skin gets all the vital nutrients, it is able to maintain proper function and rejuvenate itself, so it stays smooth and youthful. Plus, eating fresh vegetables and fruits is really delicious.
  5. Always use Sunscreen-
    I love being outdoors in the sunshine.  I know I need to protect my skin on a daily basis.  I carry sunscreen with me everywhere I go for the kids and for me.  I have sprays and lotions in every number just to make sure we are protected.
  6. I believe the most important tip for a healthy happy lifestyle is to enjoy family and friends-
    I love to laugh and play and just have fun!!  Have a great summer!!