Obsessed for Summer: Fast-Absorbing Body Yogurts

Obsessed for Summer: Fast-Absorbing Body Yogurts

If there is one thing that I HATE in the summer, it is a thick, sticky body lotion.

It is hot enough, and I don't want something heavy sitting on my skin, feeling like it is clogging up my pores. Enter the brand new REVOLUTIONARY Body Yogurts from The Body Shop. To say that I am obsessed with the new refreshing gel-creams and the game-changing formula is an understatement.

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The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Collection.

The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Collection.

I’m all about getting my skin ready for summer right now; it’s been hiding beneath layers of clothing for far too long. Unfortunately, it’s been a bit dry, dull and the fact that my skin is somewhat sensitive has me picky about what I use. Honestly, I am sent a lot of products to try and I can’t use all of it because of my sensitivities. When The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Collection arrived, I could not wait to try it. This complete body care collection was formulated for sensitive, dry skin.

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From the Body Shop, With Love.

Valentine's Day. A time when romance fills the air like a scented bouquet. And nothing epitomizes saying "I Love You" on Valentine's Day like the classic red rose. The Body Shop has a little love to share, as well, which is why we're excited to announce the Moroccan Mystery - From The Body Shop, With Love.

It's an online scavenger hunt of sorts, and we're giving you a chance to win a gift pack from our brand new Moroccan Rose line valued at $170. This gift pack of new products includes:


Moroccan Rose Eau de Toilette
Moroccan Rose Shower Gel
Moroccan Rose Bath & Massage Oil
Moroccan Rose Body Butter
Moroccan Rose Body Milk
Roseflower Eyes Shade 01: Sunshine Gold
Roseflower Lips Shade 01: Soft Pink
Roseflower Blush Shade 02: Fuchsia
Radiance Stick Shade 01: Sheer Pink

Today's Clue:

"A subtle golden shimmer will sweep you away to a coastal country in the blink of an eye."

Check out The Body Shop to find the answer, and post it in the comments to be entered into this giveaway. Please note that once you have success posting your comment, I will receive it, but you will not be able to view it here on the site. This way here, we make sure everyone plays fair and actually goes to the site to find the answer.

Contest ends at 11:59 PM est TONIGHT 2/6/2009. Only one entry per e-mail address.

Each day, one of 14 different blogs will be “hosting” a clue to a different product on The Body Shop website. Follow the clue to the appropriate product, and then post the product name in the comments section of the hosting blog. Winners will then be selected from those readers that correctly post the name of the product.

While some of the contests are already over, be sure to check out the following blogs that are still participating in this super fun scavenger hunt.

Saturday 2.7 - http://www.musingsofamuse.com
Sunday 2.8 - http://www.afrobella.com
Monday 2.9 - http://www.girl-woman-beauty-brains-blog.com
Tuesday 2.10 - http://canadianbeauty.com
Wednesday 2.11 - http://www.clumpsofmascara.com
Thursday 2.12 - http://anindiansmakeupmusings.blogspot.com
Friday 2.13 - http://carissasbeautyblog.blogspot.com
Saturday 2.14 - http://www.makeupandbeautyblog.com