Your (New!) Best Friend: Brighten, Hide, and Sculpt Concealer.

It wasn’t until around my second year in university that I started noticing my usual foundation and powder routine just wasn’t cutting it. You see, I started noticing the oh-so dreaded dark circles under my eyes – gasp! Apparently, all those late nights and early mornings caught up with me. My foray into finding the perfect concealer led me to Your Best Friend Brighten, Hide, and Sculpt Concealer.
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ybf Beauty Collectible Pewtertone Lipstick in Royalty Red.

Stacey Schieffelins' ybf Beauty line of products have grown up a bit and most are now packaged in chic red packaging. The exception is thie Collectible Pewtertone Lipstick, which I just have to show you.

Not only is this lipstick the perfect shade of red, Royalty Red Lipstick is packaged like no other lipstick I have seen before. The glamorous pewtertone lipstick case is collectible. Just look at it!

It is so intricately-designed, and it is embellished with faux stones the same color as the lipstick. Mine is Royalty Red, like I said, but there is also a Princess Pink available.

This lipstick is also quite unique. The colors adjust toward your skin tone and literally looks beautiful on everyone. Take the Royalty Red for instance. This shade looks blue red on some, wine red on others, and bright bold orange red on others. Really! You have to try it to believe it, but I promise you won't be disappointed.

Each ybf Beauty Collectible Pewtertone Lipstick sells for $28.80 and is available only through HSN and