Changing Up My Skincare Routine with Jouviance.

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I feel like I have been in a skincare rut lately. I have been using the same core products for the last few years. Sure, I test a lot of products, but usually only for a short period then I go back to my regular skincare routine. I decided it was time for a real change going into fall because my skin seemed to stop responding to its current regimen. It was the perfect time to partner with Jouviance and try some of their products to shake things up and get some results.

Jouviance is new to the US market. As a leading cosmeceutical brand from Canada and formulated to meet the specific needs of dermatologists, the products are made with high concentrations of active ingredients and zero harmful additives. I was excited to try some of Jouviance’s smart skincare. Just knowing that the products are designed to fight visible signs of aging to promote a healthier, younger-looking appearance, I was ALL in.

Look what I have added to my skincare routine.

Restructiv Collagen Boost

Restructiv Collagen Boost is a serum made to really plump up the skin. It doesn't contain the traditional skin plumping ingredients, so I was definitely intrigued to try it. It feels so wonderful on the skin — as soon as I apply it. The serum has a consistency of a gel-cream that absorbs into the skin and makes it instantly look better as it glides on. I do not want to start my morning without this. I use two pumps over Restructiv Collagen Boost over my face and neck and let it sink in for a good two minutes and let the Pro-Collagen Activator, a unique amino acid copper complex get to work. 

Revive Invigorating Eye Contour Serum

After applying the serum, I use the Revive Invigorating Eye Contour Serum. This serum is a total treat for my eyes, especially in the morning. One-half pump is all it takes to refresh and wake up my tired eyes. It is very hydrating, which my skin needs. It contains caffeine, amongst other key ingredients, to tighten and brighten the under eye area. This doubles as an undereye primer because it instantly plumps and fills in my fine lines around my eyes; my makeup goes on more smooth and looks better since I've started using this serum.

Restructiv Coactive Anti-Aging Formula

The Restructiv Coactive Anti-Aging Formula is the power-horse formula that I think is making the most difference in my skin. It is an anti-aging cream that combines the strength of pure retinol, hyaluronic acid, and peptides to fight the major signs of aging. It works by way of RestructivSRD which was created by dermatologists, that uses patented RovisomeTM sustained release technology (SRD) to deliver 2X the concentration of pure retinol. That means that it introduces retinol into the skin without irritating it. I have been applying two pumps of Restructiv Coactive Anti-Aging Formula every morning and every night, and I have not experienced any irritation. What I have experienced is brighter skin and my age spots are noticeably starting to fade. 

I have only been using these Jouviance products for about three weeks, but I am noticing a difference; my skin is really responding to the change in skincare and my new regimen. Overall, my skin is brighter and more firm, especially in my cheeks. I am not sure if it is due to them looking plumper or more firm, but something good is happening, and I like it. The combination of effective ingredients in the Collagen Boost and Coactive Anti-Aging Formula are definitely helping to diminish my fine lines and age spots. I use a prescription to help fade my age spots, and while I feel it works to an extent, within a week of adding the new Jouviance products into my routine, my spots started to fade significantly.

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This post was sponsored by Jouviance. Samples were provided for testing and review purposes. As always, all opinions are my own. Please see disclosure policy for complete information.


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