Chella Exfoliating Cleanser Micro Bead Purifier.

Of all the beauty tasks I dislike (shaving, timed hair treatment processing, eyebrow shaping, oh my!), washing my face is one of the least offensive contenders. I still don’t love it, though! In order to combat my ennui, I try to pick new, pretty or exciting products to motivate me. That’s where Chella Exfoliating Cleanser Micro Bead Purifier ($35, 4.5oz) comes in.

Packed in a sleek and chic squeeze tube, this cleanser had me at “hello”. Chella’s Exfoliating Cleanser promises tangible results by way of refined and clear pores, clean skin, and long term benefits. These results are made possible with a combination of physical (jojoba beads) and chemical (beta hydroxy acid) cleansers to provide a gentle but thorough cleanse. Sounds fabulous, right? It is! 

I was surprised and delighted by the cleanser’s thick, substantial gel consistency. Plus, it’s a cool green shade! When “activated” or mixed with water, the cleansing gel spreads easily. I love that it manages to remove make-up, dirt, and oil without leaving me with a tight and dry face afterward. Also, as physical exfoliaters go, this one is incredibly gentle. I wouldn’t mind using this every day on my sometimes sensitive skin.

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