Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Hot Rollers.

It really isn't a secret, is it? If you’re looking for curls, waves or a smooth, polished look, using hot rollers is the way to go. i don't talk about it a lot, because it is just routine for me, but I use hot rollers a few times a week.  Hot Rollers give my hair the volume, bounce and curl that I crave.

My biggest pet peeve when it comes to using hot rollers is that I never plug them in soon enough.  I usually have to remember to plug them in AND turn them on before I start blow-drying my hair.  They normally take a good ten to fifteen minutes to fully heat up. Conair must have heard my frustrations because their latest set of hot rollers are designed to heat up in just 75 seconds. Finally. 

Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Multisized Hot Rollers ($39.99) are fully heated so fast that I save so much time.  I blow dry and apply the few rollers I need. The clips and rollers are both heated for extra hold and infused with ceramic technology for better heat transfer and longer-lasting curls. The set includes 20 ceramic multi-sized rollers: 8 jumbo rollers, 6 large rollers, and 6 medium rollers along with 20 lightweight heated clips. Better yet, each pink roller has a ready dot to let me know when they’re heated and have stay-cool end rings to protect fingers while styling.

Seriously, think again about using hot rollers - they are easy to use and are really any multi-tasker’s beauty tool. As the rollers are still in and curls setting, I apply my makeup, get dressed, etc. By this time, my hair is ready, so all I have to do is take the rollers out and watch my whole look come together.

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