Congratulations to the Winner of the Depth Products!

Congratulations MannaB. You are the winner of the Depth products to celebrate World Oceans Day.

MannaB commented:

  • The ocean houses all sorts of creatures and they deserve to have a home just like the rest of us.

I agree with her comment and all of them that were left on the post, actually.  Here are a few more that caught my attention:

  • The ocean is one of our most beautiful resources! It provides a wonderful home for so many animals and a great place for families to enjoy.
  • It is so important for food for so many and for the creatures that live in it.
    It is really a thing of awe and beauty! I love to go to the beach every once in awhile and just enjoy the peacefulness.
  • The ocean is important to me personally because I love to visit it and enjoy it's beauty. But more importantly the health of our oceans are important to Earth's ecosystem.
  • The ocean is important to me for many reasons. First and most importantly, it is life sustaining. Second, I believe it is important for its healing properties. When I was younger, whenever I was sick my dad used to take me to the ocean. It may not have always cured me, but it always made me feel better! Finally, I believe the ocean is important for its vastness, mystery, and beauty.
  • The ocean is important to me because it is teeming with biodiversity. Plus, the true depths of the ocean have yet to be explored and mapped.

Thank you for all of your entries and to Depth for sponsoring the contest.