Currently Obsessed: Colourpop.

Have you heard of the newish cosmetics brand Colourpop? It seems to have exploded amongst my makeup friends and younger demographic over the last few months and I had to see what all the excitement was about.

"Did you see the new Colourpop lippies?" "Did you get on the site?" "Were you able to order the new Colourpop collection?"

These are the discussions I kept reading in my makeup groups so I figured these women were onto something. You see, Colourpop prides itself on smart, highly pigmented cosmetics in the $5-$8 range in a huge range of shades. You can see why it has quickly caught on with one glance at the Colourpop website.

Colourpop: The products to buy first

I picked up a few eye, cheek and lip products just to see what all of the excitement was about. I felt the need to share because the products are really nice -- better than what I expected -- for the price point.

The products are definitely pigmented. What you see in the pan is what you get! There are a ton of finishes available - from matte and satin to pearlized and metallic, there is something here for anyone and everyone. And like I said, there is every color under the sun imaginable. From the super nude and sheer to jet black.

I purchased two Super Shock Shadows, two Super Shock Cheek colours (one for a blush and one for a bronzer) and two Lippie Stix.

Colourpop: The best neutral products from the brand

Super Shock Shadow ($5 each) in Nillionaire and Plunge

Colourpop neutral shadows Nillionaire and Plunge

Super Shock Cheek ($8 each) in Between The Sheets and Carry-On

Colourpop Super Shock Cheek: Between the SheetsBetween the SheetsColourpop Chek: Carry-OnCarry-On

Lippie Stix  ($5 each) in Addict and Fiesta

Colour Pop Lippie Stix: Addict and FiestaFiesta (top) and Addict (bottom)

The formulas are not what you expect out of the pot - both eyes and cheek. They are creamy at first then sort of turn to powder. It's like cream to powder, but never turns really powdery. You can certainly apply them with your fingertips or a stiff brush then blend away. They adhere really well to the skin and last a really long time. With the shadows, even the metallic Nillionaire, I experienced little fallout. I tried them with and without a primer, just to test, though I would obviously suggest using a primer with them.

I applied the shadows with my fingers and then used my MAC 217 brush to blend. For the cheek colors, I used the IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Brush (I think I own 5 of these!) and they applied perfectly.

I loved how full the color of the Lippie Stix were - very true to the color in the tube. They were very creamy, hydrating on the lips and smell very sweetly of vanilla - yum! They are enriched with good things like Vitamin E, Mango, Avocado and Shea Butter so lips are definitely getting their nourishment while wearing.

Colour Pop Lippie Stick: Addict and Fiesta

ColourPop SwatchesAddict, Fiesta, Between the Sheets, Carry-On, Nillionaire, Plunge

I sort of expect Colourpop to get picked up by a major retailer soon because right now, the brand is sold solely online. Maybe that is the brands focus and maybe they have enough independent money behind them to keep it going, but I doubt it. I expect to see it in either a huge retailer like Target or even Sephora soon. Let's just say it wouldn't surprise me. Regular shipping is free on all items, which I love.

I'm definitely impressed with the line and a little obsessed because I just ordered more. I also plan to pick up a few of the collections from Colourpop. I really do like the LippieStix and didn't even realize that both of the shades I chose were creams; I would have liked to try glossy or satin finishes. The shadows are a bargain at $5 and rival my favorite MAC and Urban Decay shadows for sure.

Have you tried or will you try Colourpop?