Eyeboutique Shadow Shields.

You've perfected your face and now it's time to do your eye makeup. You decide on a smokey eye and as you're finishing up, you make a mess of the shadow under your eye. Of course it takes more time to clean up that little mess and fix the under eye are than it did to do the whole look. Ugh... Tell me, how many times has this happened to you? Me too. Countless times. But it doesn't happen anymore. When I set out to do an intense eye or use dark shadow at all, I first apply an Eyeboutique Shadow Shield.

Eyeboutique Shadow Shields

This handy little cloth half moon discs stick right on underneath the eye to catch the mess in the first place.  There is a sticky back, but only peel back the edges and stick it on.

Eyeboutique Shadow Shields

I am not sure if they are designed to be used again, but I do. I use the same Shadow Shield on each eye and place the sticky back paper back onto the shield and store it back in the plastic bag to use at a late time. It really is very cleaver, easy to use and saves me so much clean up time.

Look for Shadow Shields online at eye-boutique.com or at drugstores such as drugstore.com, Rite Aid and Duane Reade. A box of 14 shields retails for around $5.00.