Fall 2012: Anastasia She Wears It Well Eye Shadow Palette.

I have another nude (or natural or naked) palette that I am using, and I am loving it. It is from eyebrow guru Anastasia of Anastasia Beverly Hills. It is called She Wears It Well, and let me just say this. No matter what combination of shades you wear from this palette, you will be wearing it well.

In the palette are nine shades, a mixture of shimmer and matte shades. There are eight smaller shades, and one larger shades that will obviously get used the most. The colors are pigment rich, so a little bit is all you need. The formula is very long-wearing and designed to even be crease free.

The shades include:
Sunset (the larger shade)

I have worn all of the shades, in a few different combinations. They are just so easy to mix and match. Sunset makes the perfect all-over base color shadow and Onyx is great as a very deep blue-black liner.

One of my favorite looks is this nighttime ombre look, using just two of the shades.  I start by applying Glow all over the lid up to the brow bone, with a fluffy shadow brush. Next, I apply Foxy to just the inside and outside corners of the eye, blending the color all the way up to the brow bone. I am careful to make sure the center is lighter with just the color Glow. I then blend with a big fluffy brush to soften up the hard line, but again, make sure the middle is the lightest.

Look for She Wears It Well at anastasia.net and Sephora for $34.00.