Fall 2012: MAKE UP FOR EVER.

Inspired by MAKE UP FOR EVER Founder and Creative Director Dany Sanz's love of Tango dancing, MAKE UP FOR EVER introduced the limited edition Black Tango Palette.  It is the star product of this years fall line up.

This bold, yet feminine Black Tango Palette ($45.00) features four exclusive new shades of the award-winning Aqua Cream shadows that are guaranteed to stay put all night long on the dance floor, or what ever grueling tasks you take on during the day.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Black Tango Palette

MAKE UP FOR EVER Black Tango Palette

To wear, use the Ivory Aqua Cream on the brow bone and sweep one of the darker shades of black based red, blue or green on the lid and beneath the eye. The brush is designed to work with the creams and helps it apply effortlessly.


MAKE UP FOR EVER Black Tango Palette

The collection also features a new lip product Aqua Rouge, and a new brow product Aqua Brow.

Aqua Rouge ($24.00) is a liquid lip color duo that provides long-lasting, smudge-proof color in just two simple steps. First, apply the lip color side, then top with the transparent gloss.  The transparent side seals in the color, while adding a high-shine to the look. 12 highly pigmented shades are available:

#1 - Nude Beige
#2 - Rosewood
#4 - Chestnut
#5 - Beige Brown
#7 - Pink Brown
#8 - Red
#9 - Burgundy
#10 - Raspberry
#11 - Dark Raspberry
#13 - Purple
#14 - Light Rosewood
#15 - Pink

MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Rouge 8 and 14MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Rouge #8 and #14

Aqua Brow ($20.00) is a long-wear, smudge-proof, creamy gel formula that dries to a powder finish and is highly pigmented to help fill in, define and accentuate brows. I was surprised at how easy this gel is to use.  I squeeze a small amount onto the back of my hand and dip my eyebrow defining brush in it, then gently brush on to fill in brows.  I like using it with a definer brush, but you could use a spooly brow brush to brush and color brows into shape if you wanted to.  Aqua Brow comes in seven shades:

#10 - Light Blonde
#15 - Blonde
#20 - Light Brown
#25 - Ash
#30 - Dark Brown
#35 - Taupe
#40 - Brown Black


Shop for all the new MAKE UP FOR EVER fall products at MAKE UP FOR EVER boutiques and in Sephora.