Fall 2015: CHANEL Collection Les Automnales.

CHANEL always launches a beautiful fall collection, but I think they totally outdid themselves this year. It's as if every piece of the Collection Les Automnales was made for not only me, but for every skin tone and to interchange with all of the other products in the collection. Inspired by fall foliage, earthy neutrals take center stage on the eyes and cheeks while lips are a bit more bold; the collection is simply breathtaking.

CHANEL Collection Les Automnales

I love the balance of bold and neutral and the eye palettes are must haves - you just have to decide which one you want, if not both.

There is the fall exclusive, five-shade palette, Les 5 Ombres de CHANEL Eyeshadow Palette Entrelacs ($80), that features nude shades ranging from light to dark in matte and satin shades. This palette is my pick of my collection and I haven't put it down since I received it. Look at how intricate the embossed pattern of the shadow it! It was actually designed after the stained-glass abbey windows of Aubazine, in central France where Gabrielle Chanel spent part of her youth. I love her CHANEL pays homage to their history in each of their collections. The palette features a shimmering beige, velvet beige, luminous bronze, intense brown and satin pink.

The other eye palette in the collection is the Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow ($61)  in Tissé D'Automne. This palette features shimmery shades of copper, peach and khaki for a subtle khaki smoky eye which is beautifully perfect for the season.

Both of the eyeshadow palettes pair wonderfully with the four Long-Lasting Eyeliner ($32) shades. This liner is super soft and easy to apply. It glides onto the lid and gives about thirty seconds of smudge time before it locks into place until you remove it.  In this collection there is:

Feuilles - Intense Khaki
Ardent - Copper
Érable - Shimmering Bronze
Pomme De Pin - Charcoal Brown

For cheeks, there is a gorgeous neutral Powder Blush ($45) in Alezane that is a beautiful shimmering pink- brown shade. It is soft and pretty on the cheek that balances the neutral eyes with the bold lips.

For lips, there are a lot of choices, from nude copper to red like I mentioned above. I love the lighter Rouge Coco Shine ($36) shades, especially Mélancolie. Chanel describes this as copper, but I think it is a shimmery nude copper shade that is simply stunning. There is also Téméraire, which is a sheer deep brick red.

I love a red gloss, as I feel that is the easiest way to transition to a full on red lip, and there is a gorgeous Glossimer ($30) in this collection in the shade Chéne Rouge, which is a glossy Brick Red that is really easy to wear.

Also included in the collection is a Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour ($36) in Pensive which is described as an Intense pink beige. This is the only shade I haven't seen but I really think I need too just from that description. There is also a Rouge Allure Velvet which is a Luminous Matte Lip Colour ($36) in La Bouleversante which is a vivid red shade.

The collection also includes come new nail colors and a new base and top coat. You can read more about them here.

The CHANEL Collection Les Automnales is available now at fine department stores such as Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and chanel.com now.