Fashion Break Friday: Create Your Own Statement Piece at Michael's.

In the summer, I am all about bright whites. Just as I am all about black in the winter, I wear a lot of white in the summer. I love to accent it with color to spice it up. Pops of bright color, especially. Teal, almost turquoise colors, are my favorite. So when I was asked by Michael's to create my own statement piece for summer, I was all about accenting my summer whites with Teal.

I need to preface this by saying that I am the least creative person I know. I cannot put my hands together and create. I might think about it in my mind and come up with something semi-creative, but actually making that thought into a reality - ugh, no. For me, it never works.  That pretty much describes this project for me.  I had dreams of bright, stunning silver with accents of teal and turquoise.

I went to Michael's with the $50 gift card they sent me and wandered into the huge jewelry and beading section. I immediately felt lost at all of the tools and finding, stones, beads, chains and more. But I thought I could do this.  I spent $58 on all sorts of beads, clasps, wire, stones, etc.  I got them home, laid everything out, and quickly realized I knew nothing about this, especially seeing as most of the beads did not fit over the wires I bought. 

The stones would not fit on the earrings, and the clasps I purchased were either too big or too small for the chain, wires and string I bought. It figured, like I said earlier, I cannot make anything I create in my mind.  If I had just asked for help or did a few minutes of searching how to "make your own jewelry", I am sure I would have come home with the exact items I needed to create my piece.

I did create, though not what I would call a statement piece or what I had originally thought of.

What do you think?

Not too bad, though I would have wished the large stone fit on the chain I purchased or the beads fit on the earring wire I purchased, or the wire actually stayed into the bracelet configuration I endlessly tried to create. It shouldn't be this hard for most people, and given the right set of tools and findings, everything I purchased could have worked better.

Want to try and make your own statement piece? Head on over to Michael's to see what you come up with.  They are even offering up this coupon for 25% off at the Michael's Bead Gallery to help get you started.

I was asked to photograph on myself, but as the necklace landed just about where one of my recent surgical scars is, the look wasn't pretty at this time.

Michaels provided me with a $50 gift card to create my statement piece and have asked me to post about my experience and offer the discount coupon for readers.  I was not compensated for this post, beyond the gift card.