Fashion Week S/S 2012: Backstage at Tracy Reese.

Makeup Artist Mally Roncal, yes, from Mally Beauty, created the look for the Tracy Reese show on Sunday.

Check out Mally behind the scenes:


Here is the rundown, straight from Mally.

  • All of the girls started out with moisturized skin and primed skin. I used my Perfect Prep Poreless Primer to create a smooth, even base for the foundation to glide over.
  • I used my Ultimate Performance Foundation to create the look of flawless skin. Tracy wanted a more satiny-matte finish, not a dewy look, which is why I chose this foundation. It just gives that look of perfect skin, like you had when you were 12 years old! I used an amazing sponge that I hand designed in Japan to apply the foundation all over the girls’ faces.To go with the romantic feel of Tracy’s collection, I applied a non-shimmery cream blush high up on the apples of the cheek. The blush was strong, but definitely not clown-like. It was just that beautiful, healthy flush that we all want! I used my 24/7 Blush to achieve this look. It comes in two shades, Light and Medium, so all of the girls’ skin tones were covered! 
  • For the eyes, we went a completely different direction than I am used to! We actually used no eye shadow at all, just my the matte eyeshadow base from my Eyeshadow Base Duo to even out the eyelid and really brighten and open the eye. I then took my Evercolor Starlight Eyeliner, which is completely waterproof, and I lined the upper inner lashline and then I lined along the top lashline, as close to the lashes as possible. The idea was to sandwich the eyelashes with the liner, to create the illusion of a beautiful, thick lashline, which is super youthful and fresh. I took the liner and just winged it out ever so slightly. I didn’t want it to look to “done”; I wanted it to look like the eyeliner that cool girl always wore in high school! I wanted it to look like the girls did it themselves! I went over the line I made with a bit of my eyeshadow in Sensational, to soften it a bit. Finally, I finished with two coats of my black Volumizing Mascara on the top lashes. To make the most of the girls’ lashes, I started my wiggling the mascara wand along the base of the lashes, then I pulled it through the ends. 
  • The brows for this look were strong. I used my 24/7 Brow Express to fill in the girls’ brows, following their natural shape. Again, we wanted the girls to look soft and romantic, so while the brows were strong, they weren’t drag queen! They were very natural and again youthful.
  • The lips for this look were very special. I took two of my sheer, neon lipglosses, Be a Peach and Life is Fuchsia and applied them to the lips. I used the Be a Peach, a beautiful peachy-coral shade, and applied it on the bottom lip and I applied the Life is Fuchsia on the top lip. I instructed the girls to smack their lips together while saying “ma-ma-ma”, instead of rubbing them together. This created a beautiful multi-dimensional shade, where the top lip was just slightly darker than the bottom lip, creating that amazing full pouty look.
  • The girls’ were eternally grateful that I did not use ANY translucent powder at all! Instead, to set the makeup and to reduce shine, I used my Evercolor Poreless Face Defender which is the world’s first ever CLEAR powder! It does everything a traditional translucent powder is supposed to do without any of the nasty side effects--it won’t make you look dry, cakey, white or funky like translucent powder does. It simply gives you the look of flawless, poreless, satiny smooth skin!

Love the look? Mally put together a special Limited Edition Tracy Reese Kit that will be available with the key products used in the show. The kit includes Face Defender for an overall satin look to the skin, a bright strong blush, lip color for the perfect pop, Brow Fix and Volumizing Mascara.  For more info on that, visit Mally Beauty on Facebook.