Feeling Blue? Makeup to Match Your Mood!

Look out blue girls - MAC's newest collection, Blue Storm, hits counters next week - August 23rd.


Lipglass ($14)
Lightning White silver sparkle (frost)

Lull Pink lilac (frost)
Atmospheric Rich grape with red and gold pearl (frost)

Eyeshadow ($14)
Blue Storm
Cool royal blue with blue and silver pearl (frost)
Stormwatch Deep teal (matte)
Thunder Rich blue with purple pearl (frost)
Cumulus Creamy grey with silver pearl (frost)
Cloudburst Black with blue pearl (velvet)

Kohl Power ($13.50)

Feline Rich black (frost)
Mystery Rich black with green and teal pearl (frost)

Zoom Lash ($11)

Zoomblack  Rich Black

Nail Lacquer ($10)

Whirlwind Metallic royal blue with green, blue and purple pearl (frost)
Rainy Day Metallic gunmetal grey with lilac pearl (frost)