Feeling Confident in Glasses + Makeup Tips for Wearing Glasses.

I remember back in the 2nd grade when I was told that I was going to need to wear glasses. Not just for reading, but to see everything. For me, this meant that I would be different - no one in my class at school wore glasses so this was a big deal. It was made an even bigger deal because the day I got my glasses I went into school late with a note explaining why. Of course, I didn't wear the glasses as I walked in. I sat down at my desk, and my teacher actually stopped the class and told me that I needed to put my glasses on. I was mortified. So not only was I going to be different, the entire class was made aware of it and was staring at me. I was beat red! My teacher gave me a compliment (I don't remember what it was) but then I remember one of my friends started to clap and the rest of the class followed.


Makeup Tips for Wearing Glasses

From that moment on, I treated my glasses as part of me. I wanted to change my glasses at every check up and lucky for me, my eyesight changed pretty frequently (unfortunately it got worse) so I was able to get a new pair at least every year as I grew up. My glasses were always in style. Even as I started to wear contact lenses, I always kept a few different pair of glasses on hand so I could feel stylish when I wanted, but more important, confident. I love my glasses and I like that my glasses can suit my mood and the perfect style ensures confidence.

Watching this video brought me back to my childhood and how I felt growing up seeing the world through my glasses. It is true, a pair of glasses helps you see the world, the perfect pair of glasses helps the world see you. glasses.com has prescription glasses from the top designer brands.

So you've found your perfect pair of glasses and feel confident wearing them, now how do you wear your makeup? When I am wearing my glasses, I do a few things different with my makeup.

Bold Brows
First, I go bolder with my brows as sometimes my eyebrows seem to disappear along the frames of my glasses.

Bold Eyeliner
Next, I got bolder with the liner, especially on the inner rim. I don't always wear liner on my inner rim (or waterline) but when I wear my glasses, I feel that this really defines them more and shows them off.

Layer on the Mascara
Finally, I layer on the mascara. I don't opt for length, but rather volume. I don't like it when my lashes touch my glasses but I do want them to stand out so I layer on three or four coats of mascara to really make sure lashes are seen.

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