Find Your Perfect Match at Estée Lauder.

In between seasons, also means in between foundations from me. As I need less color and more coverage, this time of year I move away from tinted foundations and look for more from a foundation. I wish I knew this before a dropped a lot of cash trying to find the perfect foundation last week.

I did not know that when visiting an Estée Lauder counter while looking for foundation, I could be matched both for shade and formula and leave the counter with a 10-day supply for free.  You know it is never easy to find the perfect match under the harsh lighting at a department store.  I always like to test out a foundation before purchasing. I like to see that it looks good in all sorts of lighting, both inside and out. Just as important is wear. I like to know that it covers and wears well all day, throughout all my life needs.

Now, if I lived in the New York City area, I would be sure to visit the first of its kind Foundation Fitting Room that Estée Lauder just opened. Located exclusively at Lord & Taylor’s New York City flagship store on 5th Avenue, Estée Lauder teamed up with Philips with a new lighting technology that aids in finding the best shade match. Taking the guesswork out of shade matching, in just two minutes an Estée
Lauder Beauty Advisor will perfectly match skin’s tone, type and shade. It definitely sounds innovative.

Alternatively, Estée Lauder also has a Virtual Foundation Fitting Room where you can shop right at home.  If you are pretty good at matching and know the type of foundations you need, this might be the way to go. If you are near a counter though, I still suggest going to get an in person match and a 10-day supply to truly test it.

How do you look for your perfect foundation match?