Get a Flawless Look with Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup.


When it comes to makeup, achieving a flawless look is the ultimate goal. I have tried a countless number of foundations and tools to try and get this look and though I may have come close, I have always fallen just short. You see, no matter what I try to do, the goal is an airbrush look. Why? An airbrush makeup look blurs imperfections while offering the perfect amount of coverage. So why not just use an airbrush foundation? Well, until recently, airbrush makeup systems have been out of reach in price or simply too hard to use. Luminess Air is here to change that and they have done just that with their revolutionary Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System.

I recently got to test the Luminess Air system and this easy to use makeup system is not only perfect for every day, it is so convenient. With everything in one box, the system comes complete with everything I need for my flawless makeup look.

The secret to Luminess Air is the stylus with the no-mess tip and quiet air compressor. The no-mess tip sprays out the specially formulated micro-fine mist of the water based foundation formula to give skin the ultimate, flawless look.

The Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System comes with everything that you need as I said.  The Legend Airbrush System that I got to try included two shades of Ultra Foundation (which were easy to figure out based on my skintone) a Moisturizer/Primer, the perfect universal shade of Blush, plus a Skin Brightening Glow that is used as a highlighter or all-over glow.

The Ultra Foundation left a beautiful, flawless airbrush look to my skin. It did not settle into my lines or wrinkles. It seriously minimized the appearance of pores as it just made my skin look flawless and even. It blended evenly and left a healthy, radiant look to my skin. It was somewhat dewy and very natural. It is the look that I could never achieve with regular foundation alone, but the look that I was always hoping for. I was super impressed at how long my makeup lasted too — this is very long wearing. My foundation and makeup looked freshly applied after 10 hours.

I found Luminess Air very easy to use and I honestly did a pretty good job on my first try, but perfected my flawless look on my second time using the system. It's that simple to use! I was careful to practice first and watched the online application tutorial a few times.

To use, add some of the Ultra Foundation into the reservoir. I found that about 12 drops works perfectly for medium coverage. Press the "on" button on the compressor then start applying the foundation by holding the stylus as you do a pencil. Be sure to hold the stylus about 6 inches away from your face, pull the little trigger about 1/4 of the way back and start moving the stylus in medium circular motions around the face. I like to start in the center of my face and work outward. I do one layer all over my face then let it dry for about a minute, then go back in and add a bit more where I need more coverage on my cheeks where I have a bit of rosacea.

After using Luminess Air for a few weeks, I did learn a few tips and tricks that I think are important to share.

Quick tips to using Luminess Air

  • Practice first
  • Use a headband to protect the hair from over-spraying
  • Hold the stylus about 6 inches from the face
  • Use about 12 drops of foundation for medium coverage
  • Apply in light layers for more coverage
  • Keep the stylus moving and apply in a medium circular motion

I think that the photos below speak volumes as to how well the Luminess Air Airbrush System works. As you can see in the first photo below, my Intern Caylie has some acne and some acne scarring. When she saw me using Luminess Air and how flawless my skin looked after I used it, she asked if she could try the system to cover her acne and scarring; the results are phenomenal.

The final photo is of Caylie using Luminess Air Ultra Airbrush Foundation in Shade 3, Airbrush Blush in Soft Rose and Brightening Glow where you would apply highlighter. She also applied some mascara and lipstick — that is it.

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Sponsored post by Luminess Air. All opinions are my own.


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